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Would you like your child to get more than just simple looking after? In our club proper child development sessions with our qualified psychopedagogist, Petra Somogyi are also available.

'I find it important for children to realize that a dominant part of their parents' life is their self development, among others exercising, sport. They can also become part of it the way that in the hour spent here they also have tasks. Task awareness and the need for regular learning and development will emerge within them as well. At my sessions I am looking forward to working with children whose parents find it important that the development steps naturally occurring in their children's life happen smoothly, easily.'

Petra Somogyi

Areas covered:

  • child development and movement development for children at the playroom (individual sessions and ones for groups of maximum 2) 

  • Individual development of school age kids in the afternoon hours, development of learning methodology, right acquisition of reading, counting, decrease of attention deficit disorders.

  • Educational counselling also in the playroom

  • At request complex session, partly on the floor, partly in water, with the use of development tools

The type of sessions

  • From the age of 6 months to 2 years: Accelerating creeping and crawling, development of balance, sense of rhythm, nervous system, increasing perception, cognition

  • For children aged 2-6 years: development of nervous system through movement, development of cognitive abilities, prevention of learning disorders, development of task awareness, increasing failure tolerance, preparation for school

  • For kids aged 6-12 years: development of learning, promotion of setting short term targets, development of learning motivation, increase of attention, concentration, improvement of failure tolerance ability 


At request the venue of the sessions can be the Kids' Corner, our swimming pool or even our yoga room downstairs.



Instagram: jatszvatanulunk

Tel.: 06 30/662-7419



If your children's future important to you, you cannot ignore the pre-primary sessions designed for to-be schoolkids.

During my work I found on more occasions that entering primary school age was a very-very big step for all children.

Both from a social aspect, getting to know and accepting a brand new environment, a completely unknown teacher, acquiring friends, keeping quiet, sitting at their place and mastering skills at an expected higher level is not simple for children aged 6-7 years. Many times we would not even think that the things seemingly completely evident for us manifest in our children's heads as various questions, anxiety even if they do not really show the signs explicitly.

In my opinion in all cases it is worth making it easier, anxiety free for them and we would like to help all to-be first-graders and their parents in this.

The target for the kids is to have the courage to ask, initiate. To be able to express their thoughts, emotions. To develop their task awareness and failure  tolerance as well. They will be waiting for tomorrow when they can learn even more, more interesting stuff. The initial success gives self-confidence, strength to fighting hardships later, their positive attitude towards learning develops almost invisibly.


What we focus on during the time spent together:

– games developing dexterity – development of fine motor skills, preparation for writing, attention development

– logical development games – increasing the range of thinking, attention, development of task awareness, failure tolerance ability

– movement development – performing big movements with the help of special tools, development of laterality (being left and right sided), development of own body perception, practising rotations and jumps

– conversations about pictures – expansion of fantasy world, development of expressive ability

– development of sense of rhythm – among others for the preparation for reading

– development of the nervous system with the help of special tools

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