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In our loft atmosphere fitness section we await our guests with the most modern premium quality Cybex equipment.  Among our exercise equipment you are guaranteed to find the ones efficiently helping you to reach your set goals: more than 20 cardio and nearly 30 strength training machines (for example TRX, kettlebell, bosu, balance pillow, sparrowbag, dynair, SMR cylinder) are available for you. Our gym focuses on health conscious training: this is why we chose the world class Cybex equipment planned by doctors and tested by top athletes, which guarantees safe and efficient training in a joint preventing way. 

Our gym instructors and personal trainers are highly qualified, all of them earned their degrees at the University of Physical Education and many of them have achieved outstanding results in various competitive sports, so you can reach your set goals under the guidance of World and European champion sportsmen, let it be mass gain, fat loss or fat burning. Through the giant windows our fitness club is illuminated by natural light and thanks to our opening windows, we are not lacking oxygen, either.

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